The structural design institute is one of the apex bodies of structural engineering education in Sri Lanka on a post university level. Some of the main services aimed to be provided are listed as follows.

  • Conducting CPD events regularly throughout the year in order to provide the CPD learning and experience to
    fresh graduates who need to accrue CPD credits in order to obtain their relevant memberships from professional
  • Organizing lectures, orations and other learning programmes and workshops with collaborations with international
    lecturers, professors and orators in order to provide international exposure to the Sri Lankan construction industry
    and its young graduates.
  • Conducting learning courses for the basic engineering software needed for an engineer to work out basic issues
    and structural requirements on site. These software include those like the CSI package – CSI SAP, ETABS, SAFE
    and Prokon, as well as other geo technical software like PLAXIS and GEO5.
  • Providing access to a library of expertise structural engineering knowledge.